The h2g2 Poem: Silence

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The Poem below is an incidental collaboration by Titania and B4.


So massive

So compact

So intense

That it sets my ears

Ringing with emptiness

That it sets my head

Aching with hollowness

Impossible absurdity

Unreachable goal

And yet, I dream of it

I long for it

I yearn for it

To no avail

My wish fails

Times without number

Disturbed from my slumber

Sounds and voices

Making choices

To block it out

Or simply shout.

For silence golden

Yet not beholden

It always slips away

With light of day.

I seek relief from constant noise

My sanity stands on the brink, poised

To rush headlong for a cure

Whether snake oil sham or pure.

My days grow long

Even shadows seem wrong

Twist in the gloom

Of my solitary room.

The candle set beside my bed

Scarcely calms my dread

So I turn a thousand pages

Sifting the words of the sages.

Then comes a still, small voice

Reminds me I have a choice

To shrink in fear of the night

Or decide to stand upright.

I try to heed what I'd heard

Found passages in God's word

For a sure footing, to get a start

At finding a way to heal my heart.

Amidst the stories, I found release

A comfort and an inner peace

The words soothed like a balm

And finally brought me calm.

It's night now, and time to rest

With confidence I put to test

The knowledge I have found

To disregard odd sounds.

I settle in my warm soft bed

Nestled 'gainst the pillow with my head

Slowly sliding into sleep

Delight in dreams so deep.

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Titania and B4

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