Do You Remember The First Time?

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New beginnings are always exciting.

Of course, hopefully the site at the moment looks and feels exactly the same as the old site, and hopefully your journey here was as uneventful as a wander down the road in your pyjamas to get the milk and papers of a Saturday morning.

But the possibilities are endless.

Are they? How?

This task focuses on exciting new beginnings, the shock of the new, the endless possibilities.

Write about one of your first times in your journal. You could write about:

  • The first time you met someone who later became important to you. It could be your significant other. One of your significant others. Your children. Douglas Adams. Or even someone you didn’t get on with but couldn’t avoid.
  • The first time you did something which later became an integral part of your life. It could be your favourite hobby. Or changed a nappy. Or ate caviar. Or ran for office.
  • The first time you went somewhere that made such an impression on you that you went back and back and back. Or would like to. Or perhaps it was so bad that you never returned. Your favourite holiday destination. Your first day at school. At work. A new house.
  • Another first of your choice.

Is that it?

Here’s the twist.

It doesn’t have to be true.

The challenge here is to write so convincingly that people cannot tell if you are making it up (or if it is real).

And you’ll have to keep this up because anyone who reads your journal is allowed, nay, encouraged to come and ask you questions, find out more in the quest to decide how good a liar you are (or not).

Sign me up!

Drop a link to your journal in this thread here, and from Monday 7th November we’ll all spend a week deciding who we think is telling the truth and who has an excellent imagination. Don't let that stop you from asking questions to ry to tease out truth from fiction before that! Just don't give your final answer until Reveal Week.

Two weeks to think up an unconvincing truth or an earnest lie people! Time starts now!


Balloons and Champagne, the essentials for a first birthday celebration


This task has now finished. We did our best to come up with some outragous truths, or straightfaced lies, and some of us also managed to be extremely disingenuous in the comments sections too. Thanks to all those who participated. The follwoing links lead to the original journal enties. to find out how we voted, who lied kost convincingly and who couldn't be fooled, see the voting threads below.


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