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Drug references

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What if one references LEGAL drug use? Like if one lives in a US state where recreational marijuana is legal, or if one has a prescription for medical marijuana in a state where that is legal.

Drug references

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Anyone?? smiley - whistle

Drug references

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psychocandy-moderation team leader

Hi hellboundforjoy,

h2g2 is a UK-based company and as such, the basis for determining whether or not an activity is legal is UK law. Marijuana use is currently illegal in the UK, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes.

However, we do review each referred post on its own merit and in context. Posts which debate or discuss the merits of marijuana use and laws pertaining to its use are acceptable. Posts which condone, describe or encourage marijuana use would be reviewed to ensure that they do not promote illegal activity. When in doubt, the moderators would defer to UK law and remove the post in question.

Hope that helps!

~ psychocandy, Moderation Team Leader, on behalf of the h2g2 Moderation Team

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