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Irelevant discussions

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Stephen Booth aka Buffy

I notice there doesn't seem to be any rules regarding irrelevant content in discussions on entries, other than when it is in flooding. By this I mean entries in the discussion of an entry which is not related or only very tenuously related to the entry. For example I found (after having been away from H2G2 for some years due to losing and not being able to retrieve my password) that on my entry giving fan mail addresses for for people on the Buffy and Angel shows some users had used the discussions to basically have a chat about how great it was to have had an IM chat the night before. It's not spam (as I understand the term), it's not vulgar/profane, it's not commercial promotion and it's not flooding, so there does not seem to be a house rule against it so I cannot use the 'Yikes!' button to ask for it to be removed. It is annoying. It is off topic. It is inappropriate (rather like being in a library trying to study whilst a group of people behind you are giggling and chatting about last weekends X-Factor).

Might I suggest a house rule along the lines of "Keep discussions relevant to the topic of the guide entry they are connected to. Do not use discussion for general chatter"?



Irelevant discussions

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*takes note*

This isn't something that we have included, you are right, as h2g2 threads have a long history of going off topic.

However, I can see your point when it comes to Entries as these tend to be about a specific topic.

It's not something we can discuss straight away but I wanted to let you know that this had been seen. smiley - ok

smiley - fairy

Irelevant discussions

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smiley - biggrin Well, I GUESS a version of thresholds need to be figured. What's the minimum % of relationship to the post's topic (or responses to). I'll agree tho, a BVS Post SHOULD have something on the titled character or the subsidiary ones, therein. smiley - cheerupsmiley - tea

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