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Post readers are savvy readers. For this reason, I know that all I have to say to whet your appetite here is this:

Prof Animal Chaos wrote it. 'Nuff said.

Enjoy. (I've added a few footnotes, because I'm pedantic.)

Walk Over Me!

Pigeons on a park bench

Ok! It's daybreak and the start once again of the daily torment I have had inflicted on me for as long as I can remember1. It begins slowly and builds gradually up to noon and then eases slightly. But once more the intensity increases as the afternoon continues towards the evening, culminating in a mad frenzy that really hurts me. I don't complain! I can't complain! As I'm not allowed a voice, I've just to accept what die is cast in my corner of the universe2.

Many stamp on me as they go by and take no heed to my feelings, as many have no feelings themselves. Others stub their cig/butt ends on my body, showing no remorse whatsoever, some even leave them to burn away, scarring me. Do they not understand the pain I endure on a daily basis and yet – I am unable to cry out, asking them to stop this practice they do regularly in their comings and goings3.

I get covered in unmentionable by-products4, excreted by animals and humans alike, who totally ignore me as they go about their uninteresting lives, as if THEY would ever be
bothered about me.

OK! So I do get laid now and again5, but it's NOT what you're thinking of; as if you'd ever given my existence a second thought – unless you'd stood in something and THEN would you even give me any respect as to what was on me as you trod in it – that is easily answered! No!

My mere existence is only for your benefit and as a pavement sidewalk6, I know I don't warrant or expect anything from you humans; as many of you can't even give yourself any dignity! So how could I expect any – in any form, from you bipeds, at least the animals that tread upon me are only doing what nature intended them to do, and they know no different. But – you of the human race, you defy most rules as you progress7, classing yourselves as the highest life forms on the planet! Yet – in many aspects – and some of you might have to really think about this, you are in reality at the same level of intelligence as the caveman – ie: you can't talk/debate things over, you only can do violence to your fellow man (to name but a good few flaws in man's evolution to higher levels of intelligence and understanding)8.

I'm but a mere pavement/sidewalk, I know my role in the universe and I don't strive to be anything else. I don't hate! I don't judge! All faiths use me and I live with each and everyone and at the end of the day, even though some of you don't realise, YOU all contribute to my existence. But – PLEASE bear a thought! Even the lowest of the low still deserve to be treated with a little dignity, life is STILL life! At every level of humanity9!

Poetry and Fiction by Prof Animal Chaos

Prof Animal Chaos

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1Oh, dear, this is not starting well.2I suspect we are about to experience 'social relevance'. Bel, what have we let ourselves in for?3This is getting into iffy territory. Aren't we already in enough hot water about the S&M stuff we publish?4Can we say that? The Filther is still in place.5See note above.6Oh, never mind.7The concept of human progress is vastly overstated.8Preaching to the choir, here.9I admit to having lost the thread here. But I'm sure the sentiment does you credit, Prof.

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