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Edited Guide Writing Workshop: A8604209 - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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Entry: Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - A8604209
Author: montyonthebonty - U1518393

Hi, comments please on how useful or informative you think this is.

All about the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, what it is, why it's there, where to find out more and how to volunteer.

Too short? Too long?


A8604209 - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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Hi Chris,

I was attracted to this because I went on a Santa special on this railway around, ooh, 25ish years ago!smiley - ok

I think it would be good to split up the text with headers and bunch your info into sections under each one, for example you could have 'where is it?' 'what can I see?' etc (obviously using much better-thought out titles than I've just made up!smiley - winkeye)

You could try and find some appropriate links, both in the Edited Guide and maybe on the wider web smiley - doh I 've just re-read it and noticed you've got the railway website on there, sorry.

Grammatically you have a few it's when you mean its (it's means it is).

I also feel it could be a bit longer (since you asked!)- not sure how but maybe putting in the headers I mentioned will show you where more info would be useful.

These are only suggestions but offered with a smiley - smiley


A8604209 - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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Skankyrich [?]

I think what this really needs is some kind of history. We need to know when it was built, who by and why, when did it change hands, why was it sold off - railway buffs would probably be interested to know what guage the line is and if any famous trains visited, too. I'd love to know more about the volunteers; why are they needed, what kind of time committment is required, are there any particular skills needed? Maybe even a brief guide to each station, as there are only a few, would be helpful too.

This is a super start, and I really hope you can add to it and make it the ultimate guide entry to the line!

Great stuff smiley - ok

A8604209 - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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Might be too late now smiley - sadface but I think this has great potential smiley - ok Come back Chris!

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Edited Guide Writing Workshop: A8604209 - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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