The Foundling

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Chapter ONE:The Forest

As the lights dim and the music begins you find yourself in a wood, In a clearing.
A elven maiden is sitting next to a bramble bush seemingly trying to untangle her long ebony hair from the clutches of the bush. She whispers three words and the bush bursts into flame.

The elf in question is Quillethe Liadon .
She then whispears three other words and the bramble bush reappears a little way from where it once was. "I'm sorry bramble but if you insist being so prickly I think its worth the small inconvienience of being uprooted" Suddenly a large brown moose runs into the clearing. " I felt that you did it again, you two leggers always refuse to do something if your magic won't do it for you"

Quillethe gave Moose a haughty look. "Excuse me Mr I am a magical moose but I was completly stuck and I made sure the bush was alright. Its my forest and I didn't do any harm!

They begin to walk towards a sound of rushing water.

"Why were you here anyway. I'm sick of having to make so that you don't end up being eaten." moose grumbled

"I am the Lady, you know I do not need your constant down talking to me" Quillethe repremanded.

They continue to walk and after 5 minutes of silence the moose disappears and reappears in a seemingly weak tree. "MOOSE, stop scaring the squirrels what have they ever done to you?" demanded Quillethe.

They annoy me, all they do is chitter. I am 50 years old you can't tell me what to do" Moose retorted.
Moose then jumps down, they continue to walk until they finnally reach a lake with a small waterfall at one end. The lakes surface glistens with the occasional burts of sunlight in the seemingly desperate and contunual battle to shine through the dense folliage.

The flowers and undergrowth receaded in apparent reverence of the lake. A sigh escaped Quillethe's lips and Moose looked at her in wonder, the only reason he was so suprised was that Quillethe had been taught to master her emotions because a let out emotion in the contervetial elfen court could mean 'treason'. Quillethe saw Moose's glance " I know, but everytime I come here I can't help but wonder why on Sky the elders let such a 'disgraced elven maiden as me rule such a beautiful place."
"Well I have to admit sunburst lake is beautiful." Moose Muttered grudglingly.

"You act as if you have a grudge against it, just because this was the last place that you saw Master Owlatron doesn't mean that its the lakes fault"Quillethe repremanded. Moose then stares at the floor then lifts his head as if to say something but is admidiatly shut down by a wave of Quillethe's elegant hand.

"What, whats that?" Moose spluttered, for a moment Quillethe had used real power and he didn't like it.

"sorry, this is different to normal power, whoever is causing these magical disruptions isn't experianced but hasn't been in the forest long enought for my power to affect them."
"but I thought that you have power over anything in the forest."
" That's almost always true but if something hasn't been in my forest for long it can do what it likes and if it has magic they can cause all sorts of trouble especially if they are as untrained as this one." Quillethe murmured.

" But you do affect them, you did something, this is strange. Theres a different noise now more of a pleading." Moose stated adamantly.
They walked round the lake until they came to a small cluster of rocks. The magical pleading grew louder and it was joined by a physical crying.

"keep searching whatevers out there wont be able to last much longer I sense that its young, not old enough to sustain its self for very long no matter how powerful it is. Quille and Moose digress to search through the bushes and the wailing grows fainter....

"oh no look" Moose squeals as he pulls apart a particularly dense bush revealing a baby, the baby was dirty and squealing but its ears were slightly pointed ears, not as pointed as Quillethes but still obviously pointed. But the strangest thing was a necklace around the babies neck: it had a lighting bolt but the strangest thing about it was that it was black.
Quillethe picked the baby up. "What are you doing, its not your responsibility" Moose complained.
"you know I cant leave it here all on its own." Quille rebuked.
"well, if you must keep it what are you gonna call it?" Moose stated resigned.
"I dont know, the baby for now"

Quillethe and Moose set off towards Quillethe's home and the scene disapears.

Thats the end of the first chapter. the next is called and The prophesy

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