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belief vs. ARS

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Zarniroop (er.... I'll think of something amusing to put here soon!)

I like the idea of a project on belief!
Well done Ben and hope yr having fun down under!

But the subject I would like to bring to the attention of the reaserchers here is the destructive and negative comments of a h2g2 faction calling them selves Assoc of Researcher Skeptics.
Certain members of this group have been very negative about some entries in peer review that are based on a belief system and not 'pure science'.
A particular thread that demonstrates this is 'Pendulums'http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/alabaster/F48874?thread=221015
Not one to start a war but if u look at the home page for ARS.http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/alabaster/A873038
and look at some of the convo threads there, u'll see the aims of this destructive organisation, and I think this can be construed as the first salvo against the community of belief.

So, does anyone else feel the same about this and what shud we do?
Declare war against them?
Inform the Italics?
Set up a rival association?
Ignore their destructive efforts?

Z. ( Believed to be still quite angry about this)

belief vs. ARS

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The Paladin,Psychic Bulldozer and Knight of the Leisure District

Hi all

I support Z in this.The group concerned have already managed to put off a number of researchers from submitting entries to peer review and their nature is very negative and demoralising.The damage that this group is trying to inflict here could damage the entire h2g2 site as everything could be replaced by only what we allow if they have their way.
Something must be done about this before they go to far and irreparable damage is done here on h2g2.
A discussion is needed to decide on what action it should be but I do think the Italics need to be informed and I believe this has already been done and we are awaiting a reply.

belief vs. ARS

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a girl called Ben

I have not read the threads concerned, but flaming is flaming and trolling is trolling. I find it very objectionable when people attack those who have written entries.


I guess I will have to go and look, I just wish I had some more online time right now.

*deeper sigh*

Informing the Its is definitely the thing to do. It might also be worth popping by regular PR reviewers (such as Spiff, and Azara) and chatting to them about it.

Wish I could do more, but I am not the mistress of my own time at the moment.


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