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I'll text yer

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I love that text. Weird photo I took there, that I forgot about, all those days and nights ago. Very weird. What is it?? I think its the snap fastener of my camera case, but I couldn't say for sure. heheh. This week I shall veer away from snap fasteners, and photograph floral wallpaper, and patterns in the pavement that break out in birdsong.

I love that text you wrote though. I really do. Text and photo. Ah love. smiley - love Makes my brain spark.

I am having a text week. I can hear the subtitles. I must write! The subtitles? Yes. You know, there's the practical thoughts, and then there are the subtitles. A bit like hieroglyphs. Or golden spaceships. heheh. The strange stream of subtitles. The story in between the story written from that otherworld zone where the lights of imaginary cities reflect in the mirror, and ....

OK OK I go.

I'll text yer

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl Collaboration by subtext...I smiley - love that.

Like Nite Owl (who does it professionally), I love writing subtitles...smiley - whistle

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