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The Curse of Amy's Skirt

Oh dear. It seems like Steven Moffat has taken over Doctor Who and taken advantage of it. He's messed about with it like a fan. Remember like he did back in 1999? The last time the Doctor turned up on our screens on Red Nose Day was in 'The Curse of Fatal Death', penned by the same Steven Moffat. This, I'm glad to say does not fit into the understood canon of the Whoniverse (see my last column 'BBC Radio Who'). It saw Rowan Atkinson play the Ninth incarnation of the Time Lord who then kept regenerating through different actors.

This year saw the Doctor, Amy and Rory in one mini adventure, split up into two parts–'Space' and 'Time'. Personally, I wasn't very impressed, and I'm not even going to write out what happened, so find out yourself if you haven't yet seen it. It was very Moffat; the paradoxical, timey-wimey element was there, I didn't quite get the actual reasoning for this particular paradox to occur and how they managed to re-write everything in the end–yet another plot hole. Cringingly, Amy was seen flirting with herself, that is her other self from the future. Thus leading to the Doctor giving a reaction that we more often hear him giving Captain Jack, "Stop it!"

There seemed to be no point to this small episode. It was slightly humorous and I felt that some elements were rather crude. It wasn't very original and lines of dialogue were so obviously stolen from other episodes. Maybe all the money that went into creating and filming this small adventure and the plain ridiculous and celebrity infused 'National Television Awards' sketch could have gone to Comic Relief? It's all part of the cause though. Matt Smith even turned up after 11 p.m, live on stage as the Doctor. Thanks for your support mate, but sorry it just made me cringe.

Roll on 'The Impossible Astronaut' and get me back on your side Moffat. Go on, try.

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