How to become a werewolf

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A big pot of soup with loads of lovely things in it!

How to cure your Lycanthropy if you don't want to be a Werewolf anymore:
Posted Last Week by RingoZingo

This is the cure for the curse of Lycanthropy(Werewolfisim)handed down from generation to generation,origin unknown.

You must eat reptile meat.smiley -
Aligator,Crocodillian,or serpentine.

As the Werewolf is undoubtably of noble decent, the reptile meat must be prepared, cooked and presented to the afflicted by his servant.

The reptile must offer himself for sacrifice to the werewolf while he is in human form and the reptile must not be hunted but rather stumbled upon.

A special blessing must be made before the supper thanking the kind serpent for offering itself for the purpose of reversing the curse and to the deity, begging for his aid in the removal of the beast within and to be restored to a normal human being. After the meal is finnished another thanksgiving prayer is to be offered in supplication to the hallowed named for canceling the hex and lifting the spell.When this is done the person will be whole again.

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