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This Dry Cleaning Room... entirely purple with yellow furniture, the windows show the forest behind the house, there are many togas lying on the floor, dirty but each of a different colour, which gives a nice flashy visual effect, the Purple Frog is jumping about and salivating on the togas, which is the first step of the cleaning process (for, as you know saliva in general desagregates long chains of glucosis, which are the main components of many a Stain-On-A-Toga ("SOAT" in our jargon, pronounced like "so what?" ) and the saliva of purple frogs even distroys fats, proteins, and actually everything bar togas ), and then I take the togas to the fountain, which is both the second step in our cleaning process and made out of a beautiful grey stone filled with water whose pureness depends on the day of the week ( I know, it isn't exactly what you thought "dry cleaning" was, but it's not my fault if all the so-called "dry cleaners are usurpators of the real original typolifi method...) ('why "dry"', will you ask me, 'if there is so much saliva and water?'; well, the answer is quite simple: the word " dry " is used because of an ancient saying among dry cleaners:

--- " if it toesn't work, dry again ! " ---

) then the togas are taken to the drying machine, consisting on a rope intelligently knotted on two different points of the room, and I put the togas on the rope, and there, with the help of some physical laws I won't explain here because I wouldn't want my entry to be too intricated, they dry in circa 2 hours and 35 minutes)


All togas will be given the best possible care when dropped off here.


Indeed, when you bring your dirty togas to us on any given Wibble, you'll leave with a free slice of cheesecake.

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