How I Beat Gravity - The Joys Of Spinning In Mid-Air

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I was clinically overweight yet I was third two years running in the school high-jump competition, beating many of the athletic team. Subsequently, I have lost weight and no longer compete in the high-jump competitions, deciding instead to quit while I was ahead.

But why was this able to occur? Well, it is the sensation of flying that makes me flutter. The sense of freedom from the victory over gravity is an excellent tonic for a stagnant mind. My success in the high jump, despite excess baggage, is due to a craving to fly.

It isn't everyday I am in a high-jump competition or sitting in an aeroplane, so how do I get my daily fix of levitational pleaure? Its simple (not simple to do, mind); figure skating style jumps.

The fantastic thing is that you don't need to build an ice-rink to practice these spectacular jumps. It is important to tell you that I don't mean pulling off triple salchow, triple toe-loop, double axle combination jumps but the simple task of a single rotation jump which will fill you with a sense of elation.

Just watch pro figure skaters and watch how they launch into the air with ease and leave the confines of terra firma and spin majestically, elegantly floating back to earth to finish with a flourishing landing and listen to the roar of the crowd when the jumps are landed well.

I can't describe the ultimate feeling of satisfaction that springs from the leaps that one can do in relative safety and privacy. Stress levels plummet while the spirit soars, the body tingles with a new found energy only two-year olds are allowed to possess and you feel you can take on anyone.

If you feel that you aren't up to this challenge, either because of arthritic joints or a sense of embarrassment, try a small 180 degree spin, it'll still give you that inner showbiz flair you've craved.

Try it you might like it!

Neri Aracro

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