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You have to take the third turning left off the main road and drive down the track for some 6 miles and take the small forrest road to the left to find the house. Set in the middle of a wood there is a wide space in front of the house, enough space to leave your car.

Shall I just take you on a tour of the house, or would you just like to sit down for a smoke and something to drink on The Veranda?

You can put your things here into The Hall. If you need a place for the night, there are a number of Bedrooms upstairs. You can take any one you like. Just start a new thread and it is all yours. (use the "Discuss this Entry" button)
The one to the left is Our Bedroom and the one at the back is the Children’s Bedroom

If you need anything to eat or drink, you will find The Kitchen down this way. If you want to, you can sit down for a meal in The Living Room of course. There is also a log fire possible. If you need anything to read you can use The Library adjoining the living room. You will find a number of board games, too.

A very special place is The Red Room.

The Bathroom is over here. In the door behind it you find The Sauna. Fresh towels and what else you need are always available in good supply.

If you want to go down to The Seaside you can take The Path down behind The Backyard Down The Other Path you will get into The Forrest .

You can also take a deckchair out of The Shed into The Garden . There is a place for BBQ there, too, so do feel free to start a fire and do some grilling.

We hope you will enjoy your stay! Take it easy and just relax here while the busy world is going on outside…

Oh, it would be nice of you to bring in some water now and then from The Well

If nobody is here...

... then take The Country Road to the The H2G2 Great Outdoors Resort where we may be shopping at The Food Store and Catering Service or just having good time at The Great Outdoor Bar.

Farewell letter from €

I like this house. It will be a part of my memory. I hope you will continue having fun in here.

(I still wish you all the best, Thanks for the time with you. € )

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