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 Someone standing in front of a wall ignoring the person behind itThis list used to be on my User Space, but, like a certain part of my anatomy, it became too long and unwieldy1. So I put it here instead.

  • U181271
    Not east European, but from the West of Scotland. Poor guy...
  • U183316
    Both a very attractive young lady and a terminal geek, if you can believe such a thing is possible.
  • U148580
    Witty and wise, and just a little rude.
  • U104826
    Bottle this man's laugh, you would make a blimmin' fortune. Oh, and he looks like the guy out of "Pi"
  • U185849
    A valiant fellow. Pity he never posts.
  • U54754
    She seems to go from wanting to ruffle my hair, to knocking my block off, with nothing in-between.
  • U14977
    He's the white IT guy who's a sex machine with all the chicks - can you dig it?
  • U178076
    A Swede with a fearsome tackle and a ferocious appetite.
  • U174321
    An entertaining juggler - if that's not an oxymoron.
  • U95721
    He's, like, a proper writer an' that. Not like those of us who only study Journalism. Check out his very cool 'Notes...' in the Post each week.
  • U153452
    This bloke may be interested in discussing politics with you. Just maybe, mind.
  • U154264
    He's not a volunteer, but he does have "direct access to the in-house team". Hem hem.
  • U183016
    Clever name, intelligent guy. Can usually be found arguing with...
  • U35376
    ...this person here. Because it's good to have a balance.
  • U146988
    She works at The Royal Mile, but doesn't say what as. She's a living statue, I reckon.
  • U114627
    According to some, not as geeky as his user space suggests.
1I'm talking about my hair, of course.

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