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Do you play Wargames? Warhammer? Warhammer 40,000? Any other Games Workshop Games? Or even anything else? Need a battle? Read on!

The Idea

It has come to my attention that Wargames are very popular. I already know a good few on H2G2 who play the Warhammer Games by Games Workshop. I created this so that those who play these games can get together for games. Below will (hopefully) be a list of all the wargamers on H2G2, where abouts they live, what games they play and at what kind of skill level they are at.

Skill Levels

Recruit - Newbie, trainee, novice, absolute beginner.

Trooper - Some experience, fought a quite a few battles.

Elite - Experienced, Cunning and strong willed.

Captain - Toughened fighter, fought many battles and a tough opponent.

Commander - The best of the best, only play these guys if you know your stuff!

The Players list

This will be very small to begin with, but will grow considerably (hopefully.)

To have your name added to the list start a new conversation on this page and tell me your name (H2G2 nickname will be fine,) what game(s) you play, your E-mail address (if you don't wish this to be available for all to see on H2G2, e-mail me with the address in it to [email protected]), where you are in the country, and your skill level (above.) Please note, you will have to judge your own skill level, so be honest. If you class yourself as a "Commander" and you go to play another Commander when you are only at Trooper level you're going to get slaughtered!!!
Also could you tell me which army you play with and any other information you find appropriate!

Game - Warhammer 40,000

Name - Purple Moose

Location - Southampton

Skill Level - Elite with Chaos Space Marines, Trooper with Tyranids, Recruit(or Grot) with Feral Orks.

Army(s) - Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, Feral Orks.

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - Currently plotting a Thousand Sons Army. DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!

Name - Hamish the Dingo

Location - Southampton

Skill Level - Trooper

Army(s) - Eldar, Space Orks

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - The Purple Moose's Brother. 2 for the price of 1?

Name - Eggy

Location - Fife, Scotland

Skill Level - Captain

Army(s) - Black Templars Space Marines, Saim-Hann Eldar

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - Starting a Gobo Army for Warhammer

Name - Zim

Location - Reading

Skill Level - Commander

Army(s) - Tyranids, Eldar, Tau soon

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - That skill level is REAL!!! Have yet to lose a 40k battle.
I've studied several codexes. Beaten Tyranid, eldar, space marines, space wolves, Dark angels, and Tau armies, I've studied all armies. Great strategist! You need help, e-mail me. you need rules Games Workshop.

Name - Elf Lord Dante

Location - Sydney

Skill Level - Captain

Army(s) - Space wolves, and working on a death leagion

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - I like BIG battles, And have played in a 90,000 point battle once. It took 19 hours!

Name - Wargamer

Location - Widnes (Nearest store is Warrington).

Skill Level - Elite

Army(s) - Space Marines, Imperial Guard.

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - Praying to the Emperor for plastic Cadians.

Name - Z Phantom

Location - Newcastle Upon Tyne (NE England)

Skill Level - Captain

Army(s) - Space Marines

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - have full written history, and is led by a dragon, counts as Force commander.

Game - Warhammer

Name - Zim

Location - Reading

Skill Level - Elite

Army(s) - Lizardmen, has Empire but "they bite"

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - Nothin' really. Just loves Lizardmen.

Game - Inquisitor

Name - Purple Moose

Location - Southampton

Skill Level - Trooper - Played a good few games, succumb to many many injuries, still original characters! No fatalities!

Army(s) - Inquisitor Rhall and Imperial Strike Force

E-mail - [email protected]

Other info - Still has to mail order his last recruit

Will Play Almost Anything

Name - Bez

Location - Sheffield

E-mail - [email protected]

Well, I haven't played for a few years, but I'll try just about anything. The main systems I like are:

Blood Bowl (3rd ed),

Epic (1st, 2nd and 3rd eds, only own 2nd),


Rapid Fire,


Full thrust,

Buckle for your dust,

Block Mania,

Periods I especially like:

Wars of the Roses (mid-late 15th century)

Laandschnecks and the like (late 15th and 16th)

Napoleonics (I favour Russians)

Second World War Eastern Front

Games Clubs

This is only for games clubs of which have H2G2 researchers as members, for any other clubs you can go to the Games Workshop Website who will point you to a local club.Games Workshop Gaming Clubs

Name - Alder Valley Games Society (AVGaS)

Location - Aldershot, Hampshire

Games - Warhammer, Epic, Dirtside, Full Thrust, also does RPGs, boardgames and CCGs.

How do I get a game?

It couldn't be easier! Just send talk to them direct on H2G2 (don't give out home addresses etc,) or send them an E-mail. If they did not wish their e-mail address to be posted on H2G2 send me (The Purple Moose) an e-mail stating who you are and who you wish to contact and I will send you their address.


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