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As they say, another year has come and gone, and smiley - thepost has racked up another year's worth of issues, full of cutting-edge controversy, thrilling Researcher adventures, and prize-worthy poetry and prose. (Unfortunately, we never give out any prizes, being a totally virtual venue. Oh, and cheap.)

Of course, you all read every word we've written. Of course you did. You're media-savvy, and know this is the place for high-type info. Besides, you knew there'd be a quiz.

You didn't? Well, now you do. It's time to pay the piper. Click on the little smileys, please, and answer the questions. Then shuffle the letters to find the Post Birthday Code Word.

Isn't this fun?

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The h2g2 Post Birthday Challenge: The Knowledge

smiley - burger – The Reluctant Gaijin had culinary adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun. Take the second letter of the food he called "alien slime".

smiley - diva – Take the first letter of the name of our famous (and brave!) HooToo danceuse.

smiley - alienfrown – Take the last letter of the name of Brightling's favourite son.

smiley - scientist – Take the first letter of the place where Bluebottle works.

smiley - rolleyes – Take the first letter of the event described here. (The one that gets modded if we talk about it at the wrong time.)

smiley - earth – Take the first letter of what Minorvogonpoet is trying to protect.

smiley - angel – Take the first letter of the religion of July's EotM subject.

smiley - cuddle – Take the first letter of the name of our stalwart columnist, whose snippets will be sorely missed.

smiley - puff – Take the first letter of the name of the fellow whose lathe never stops turning.

Unscramble the letters to find the name for the new, blue, HooToo:

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