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Treacle Mine Road

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Well would you believe it, we now can play the game in the real world


Peach Pie Streetsmiley - smiley

Treacle Mine Road

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el D – for the sake of brevity and out of respect for my fellow Glums

Get them while you can

Treacle Mine Road

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Uncle Ghengis

That is brilliant!!!

'ere what's in these pies?

Treacle Mine Road

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all fresh sausage "bits" or I'll Cut-Me-Own-Throat

Quirm Street

Treacle Mine Road

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It's been very quiet on here and I was wondering why, until I looked closer at the last few of moves. Simetra's move is absolutely brilliant. All conventional moves now available either lead to Treacle Mine Road on the following move, or leave the player in Scone. Either way, the next move would probably see that player lose. Even some of the more unconventional strategies, such as the Patricians Priviledge or Lancre back double don't leave you any better. After much thought, the only course open is the rarely used L-Space Inversion. With this strategy all moves get routed through L-Space, which enables moved to be made in time as well as space opening up a whole range of possibilities. However, it is risky as many conventional moves become illegal, and any attempt to use them will leave you in Librarians Revenge. This is like being in scone, except an 18 stone Orang-Utan is going to come swinging down from the ceiling and smash you over the head. I told you this strategy was risky! I just hope someone performs the exit move to take us back to normal gameplay before we have too many players retire due to injury.

So, with no alternative but to use the L-Space Inversion, I' going to go back 30 years and visit the Unmentionables in..

Cable Street

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Treacle Mine Road

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