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    Faculty of Science
  • Project Name: Artificial Intelligence
  • Field Researcher: Gareth
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
  • Start Date: 12th June 2000
  • End Date: 21st July 2000
  • Assisting Sub-Editor:

Project Description

The aim of this project will be to bring together the disparate information on Artificial Intelligence already on H2G2 (such as the pages on machine intelligence in The Intelligence Project and the pages in the Artificial Life and Genetics section. I intend to spend a bit of time going through these pages, speaking to their authors, and linking to the ones I feel are relevant.

Pages in progress that I'll try to do myself:

  • GOFAI vs the Engineers: the two (main) points of view in AI
  • Philosophies of Mind: What is intelligence and does it matter?
  • Autonomous robotic control
  • Mental Models and the role of AI in cognitive science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Vision
  • Knowledge representation and AI programming languages
  • Search Strategies

Topics that I expect to be able to incorporate by linking to others' pages:

  • Genetic algorithms
  • The Turing test
  • Definition of AI (??)
  • The study of human and animal intelligence

Further Information Required

There's a lot of topics in Artificial Intelligence that I don't know much about (or even know of!). If anyone fancies writing about one of the following topics, or even about one that I intend to get done myself, it would be great to hear from you.

Pages that I'm looking for outside help on:

  • Data mining
  • Data-intensive linguistics
  • Any other suggestions?
  • Practical applications of AI (may need to be subdivided)
  • Fuzzy logic

If you have any comments on the completed (one of them may get finished one day!) pages of this project, would like to write one yourself, or have any ideas as to topics that should be covered, please post a comment in the conversations below, or contact the Field Researcher running this project (see above).

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