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Okay, this challenge has definitely set the cat among the pigeons. Writers were invited, incautiously on my part, to get in their tardises and go sightseeing. The only conditions were that you not change anything, and stay out of your own lifetime.

Our next contributor has actually followed instructions (a Hootoo first!). We at smiley - thepost were surprised that the Bible turned out to be the Baedeker for so many time travellers. Auburn Time Lord provides us with another vivid scene from that book.

Even I wouldn't dare footnote this one. Read and be edified.

A Celebrity in Town

I arrive, and it's very busy.

The crowd are cheering (not for me).

People line the streets,

It's like we've won the Cup.

There's a celebrity in town.

Branches have been pulled from the trees,

The excitement is overwhelming.

Through a gap I see him approach,

Riding a humble donkey:

The teacher from Galilee.

"Praise to God in heaven!"

They shouted as Jesus rode by.

Soon they'd be shouting "Crucify!"

They didn't realise that this King

Was riding to his death.

I looked at him and he saw me briefly,

His face was kind and understanding, as if he knew.

He knew I knew the future,

And he nodded at me;

As humble as the donkey.

We both knew he had to die,

To take away everyone's sin;
Giving people the opportunity for eternal life.

And three days afterwards,

He'll conquer death and rise from the grave.

I was overcome with wonder and delight,

At this majestic and glorious sight:

God's son, Saviour, Jesus Christ.

A replica of the Shroud, as featured in the BBC documentary 'The Shroud of Turin'.

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