The Timelord Quiz - ABCD - The Solution

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Here is the solution to the ABCD quiz set by TIMELORD.

The winner this week is Granny Weatherwax with 9/10. Special mention is given to Spook who beat his record and scored 2/10, to Kandyman who managed 3/10 and to Croz who came close with 8/10. Well
done to all.

The answers are indicated in the colour RED
  1. Q: Who played Mrs Columbo?

    • A: Peter Falk
    • B: Kate Mulgrew - played Mrs Columbo, she was never in the original Columbo but they did a separate series called Mrs Columbo.
    • C: Joan Hickson
    • D: She was never seen

  2. Q: Who was the first person to play James Bond 007?

    • A: Sean Connery
    • B: David Niven
    • C: Woody Allen
    • D: Bob Holness - who played Bond on radio.

  3. Q: Brontophobia is the fear of?

    • A: Coughing
    • B: Slime
    • C: Thunder
    • D: Dinosaurs

  4. Q: Hester Grenville was related to a British Prime Minister but was she his

    • A: Sister
    • B: Mother
    • C: Wife
    • D: All three - she was the wife of William Pitt, the mother of Pitt the younger, and the sister to George Grenville (she was also an aunt to William Grenville )

  5. Q: Worlds to Barta was released under the pen name John Beynon
    but under what name is he more famous?

    • A: John Wyndam
    • B: Steven King
    • C: Stan Lee
    • D: J R R Tolkin

  6. Q: What last occured in 1882 that will occur again on the 8th
    June 2004?

    • A: Mars passed between the Sun and Earth
    • B: Mercury passed between the Sun and
    • C: Venus passed between the Sun and Earth
    • D: The Liberals won an election.

  7. Q: Which of the following was not a Private Eye?

    • A: Frank Marker
    • B: Harry Orwell
    • C: Jim Rockford
    • D: Des Kinvig

  8. Q: In which series by Carla Lane did she first write about the Boswells?

    • A: Bread
    • B: The Liver Birds
    • C: Butterflies
    • D: Luv

  9. Q: What did mother make in the 1970's according to Richard Waring?

    • A: Cakes
    • B: Oxo
    • C: Five - in the sequel to And Mother Makes 3 staring Wendy Craig
    • D: Trouble

  10. Q: Which of the following was not the Invisable Man?

    • A: Dr Richards - Dr Brady was from the 1950's TV series, Dr Weston was from the 1970's US series as played by David Mc Callum and Dr Griffin was from the book and 1980's BBC Adaptation as played by Pip Donaghy.(Sue
      Richards is the invisable girl in the comics fantasic four)
    • B: Dr Brady
    • C: Dr Weston
    • D: Dr Griffin


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