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I suppose it's because I have so much time on my hands these days, that all these memories come flooding back to me.

That Moment

You know that part when you are watching the news on TV and they say, 'and now we go over to our correspondent who is live at the scene' then the camera pans onto him, and he's just standing there, looking confused, because there's always that satellite link delay between them. I wonder what the word is for that particular moment. I always cringe and feel sorry for them, in case they get left standing there, in front of millions of viewers, feeling embarrassed.

Then there is that situation when a stranger comes to your door, and you answer it, and find that you don't know them, but then again you start to wonder if you should know them. Then there is a long clumsy moment when neither of you say anything because you are both thinking the same thoughts. I wonder what the word is for that particular moment as well.

Also, there is that moment when you discover that you have lost a very valuable item or even a lot of cash, and you get that gut wrenching moment that comes when you realise that you have lost it, and that stays with you as you desperately try to find it.

I am familiar with this one, as a while ago I suddenly realised that I had lost my wedding ring, the one Mk2 gave me when we married. It took me a long time to come to terms with that, as it really did upset me. I had been losing weight at that time, in fact I still am, and I remembered it slipping from my finger while I was loading the boxes of biscuits from the trolley at the supermarket, when I was buying them for Christmas last year.

I heard it drop onto the conveyor belt at the till, and I put it back on, and carried on unloading. It must have fallen off again later when I was transferring all the shopping into the car. Sounds daft I know, but I still keep a look out for it, even after all this time.

So that is one feeling that I can relate to, albeit a sickening one. Another one that I have experienced is that dreadful sickening feeling you get when you are involved in a car accident, there is no word that describes that rush of emotions that run through your brain in those first few seconds. It's like your brain cannot cope with them all coming at the same time, your power of speech and understanding just what has happened tends to leave you, leaving you in a state of confusion.

Whatever word we use to describe that feeling, we have all experienced it at some time in our lives, and God willing, we don't have to experience it too often.

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