What is The H2G2 Post?

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What is it?

The H2G2 Post was started back in 1999, on The 6th of December, by Shazz and Pastey. The H2G2 Post has survived over 100 issues, and has it's own unique named entry URL - Http://Www.Bbc.Co.Uk/Dna/H2g2/ThePost - It can easily be linked to by typing:
<LINK H2G2="thepost">The Post</LINK>
in GuideML Entries. If you are in a Conversation thread, or are writing an entry without the use of GuideML, the guide's own mark-up1 language. For more Information click on the GUIDE-ML link in the right pane of this entry, underneath "Referenced entries".

What's it about?

"The Post", as it is affectionately referred to by researchers on the guide, is probably about the freedom and democracy to write what you like. As long as it is not libellous to h2g2 or the BBC, (See the House Rules and The BBC's Terms and Conditions) then it can be allowed entry into the prestigious post!

What's so special about it?

Well, if you don't agree with what you've just read, Or have something to add which should've been added in a Stop-Press! or late entry, then you can always click on a button which looks like this:

In Classic Goo:
''Discuss This Entry'' Button in Classic Goo

or like this:
''Discuss This Entry'' Button in Alabaster
In Alabaster

and then you will be able to add to the article, in a conversation, where the author may be able to extend it, or will respond to your comments on the piece.

Is that it?

No! Of course not!

You can apply to become a writer yourself - For Just a one-off (Feature) or Every week / Bi-week [Or Fortnight] (Regular).
Just click here to be transported to the post's Writing for the post page.

Sounds fun, when can I read it?

Right now! Just click here, or you can find a permanent link in the Read page (Click on the button in the navigation bar either at the top and bottom of the page [alabaster] or at the left side of the page [Classic Goo.- Please note you can only read it in h2g2!]

What's in it?

The Post consists of Cartoons, Jokes, Horoscopes, Poetry, Current Affairs, Cinema Reviews, Crosswords and Wordsearches, Community Updates, facts, User-submitted stories, Special Features, Competitions, Meet-up reviews, a "Classified Ads" Page, and a bag full of other stuff, too! A Great Read for over Two Years!
1A Type of Computing Language which in this instance helps web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator understand what to show, although different browsers produce different results.

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