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The Return of the Light from the Dark Age

by Matthew Friday

Celtic Cornwall this. Celtic Cornwall that. If you believe our closest neighbour you would think Cornwall is the only county in Britain with a thriving Celtic heritage.

Well think again.

I am unearthing a lost culture. A forgotten country rich in myth and legend, artistic, creative people, great kings and queens, druids and bards, and dark moor gods and river monsters. I am unearthing Celtic Devon.

For over 1000 years now Celtic Devon has been buried under huge, filthy layers of history.

Subsequent waves of invaders have swept across the rolling hills, destroying a culture older than them all put together. Destroying Dumnonia: Britain’s largest, greatest Celtic kingdom.

Historians and academics are well aware of the existence of Dumnonia. The best-selling author Bernard Cornwall set his Arthurian trilogy in (a hugely exaggerated and historical inaccurate) Dumnonia.

In reality there is so little evidence. So few remaining clues as to the nature of Celtic Devon’s rulers, saints, heroes and legends. So few in fact it has been largely forgotten.

So the first time I am bringing it all back. All the myth. All the magic. All the truth about Celtic Devon.

Hours of study and hundreds of books are leading me to construct for the first time a comprehensive study of Celtic Devon. But this isn’t simply an academic study.

The Last Bard is a nearly completed epic historical romance set in Celtic Devon. The Adventures of the Last Bard is a family adventure series based on the characters from the book, again set in Celtic Devon.

And now a dissertation several major local history publishers have taken an interest in. But it doesn’t stop there.

I need your help. If any of you have any details, stories, folklore, or evidence relating to the period of Devon’s history roughly 600BC-600AD then I would ask you to share it with me.

It will be included in my project and fully acknowledged. With a little luck, and because of your help, a best selling book, an award winning television series, and a first-earning dissertation, Celtic Devon will rise up from the ashes of fires Saxons started over 1,300 years ago.

Your help is an integral part of that revival. This is your rightful heritage. Your forgotten history. Your lost culture. I am just a learning bard, hoping to tell some good stories.

The first bard of a new Celtic Devon......

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