Elton, the h2g2 Ham(p)ster

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Elton, the h2g2 Hampster.

This is Elton - h2g2's very own hamster. For some reason, he insists that he's actually a hampster, but then hamsters - sorry, hampsters - were never particularly good at spelling.

Elton is in charge of keeping the h2g2 engines running, and when the site stalls or crashes, it's usually because Elton's popped off for a toilet break without telling anyone.

He likes to listen to music, and this is why he's the perfect h2g2 pet, because he likes all types of music. he's also fascinated by all of the facts he reads each day thanks to all the kind Researchers who write entries for the Edited Guide. He's the cleverest hampster there ever was.

However, he's also a bit of a drinker. People do keep writing entries about booze and he just loves to try out each drink personally (he's very fond of gin and tonic, by the way). So occasionally he starts the morning with a bit of hangover, hence his grumpy expression.

He loves to play games - Stares being his favourite (even if he's not very good at it). Go on, stare him out and see who blinks first.

He's also a great listener. In fact, he never talks, but he does like to read. So why not drop him a line in the conversation area below. Tell him about the entries you're working on, or recommend some of your own favourites. He tries to read every Edited Entry, but there's always a chance that he's missed one.

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