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Megalomaniacal Baby-Switching

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Okay, at first I ought to explain that I'm the nasty kind of guy that doesn't hold doors for people. That should explain enough about me. I also don't believe time travel possible. But if it were...
I would go about 50 years in the past, with a bunch of precious metals. I'd sell them, invest the money in something like Xerox, or IBM (well maybe not), or Kodak, then come back to now, sell it all out and buy more precious metals. I'd go into the future, about saay... 2222, as it seems to be such a pretty number, and then sell off all of this gold. I'd then pay some dissatisfied rogue scientist to make say... 80 clones of myself, and then babyswitch the children into ruling families throughout history. THen the world would be an incredibly amusing place, and I'd just get really drunk and watch the news thinking about how great I am. Mandate of Heaven and all. smiley - smiley

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Megalomaniacal Baby-Switching

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