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Oh brother!

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You nag us so often to read your reviews on your web page and when we want to see your pearls of wisdom on the latest LOTR offering, there isn't a review in sight - how very disappointing, brother! You really are slipping (or are you waiting for mum to write her views on Viggo Mortensen's performance?)
Anxiously waiting,

Oh brother!

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So sorry for not spotting this message earlier, I really should arrange things so all the messages on this page automatically come to my attention. Then again what are the chances of you actually reading this? Here I am typing to the ether again...

Hey ho. Well anyway the Post wasn't published over Xmas and I didn't fancy waiting until mid-January to do the review (besides which it would take up a slot better used by a more topical piece) so it's ended up in the unofficial archive at A2150867.

Sorry about that...


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Oh brother!

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