The Timelord Quiz - Kids' TV Programmes

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This week TIMELORD brings you more questions on children's programmes and films. If you think that you know some (or all) of the answers send your entry to [email protected] before 06.02.2002.

  1. Who hosted Clapperboard?

  2. What was the name of the first Blue Peter dog?

  3. What two questions started Play School?

  4. Which future Lord Mayor made his first TV show in 1952?

  5. Who was the pilot of Fireball XL5?

  6. What 5 words were on a Jim'll Fix It medal??

  7. What was Catweazle trying to do when he first landed in the 20th century?

  8. Who lived by the sea in Honalee?

  9. Who presented Animal Magic?

  10. In Muffin the Mule what kind of creature was Sally?


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