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Two worthy winners this week for the quiz set by TIMELORD. Granny Weatherwax and Madent both scored an impressive 14/15! The question that caught them both out was number two. An honourable mention goes to Wowbagger who scored 13/15

  1. Q: What was the name of Danger Mouse's boss
    A: Colonel K

  2. Q: Who held up a magic sword and said 'For the honour of Greyskull'?
    A: Adora(she-Ra)1

  3. Q: Where do the Hair Bear Bunch live?
    A: Wonderland Zoo

  4. Q: Who drives car number 9 - the Turbo Terrific?
    A: Peter Perfect

  5. Q: In which series would you find the Thompson Twins and Captain Haddock?
    A: (Herges Adventures of) Tin Tin

  6. Q: Who plays short stop for the Peanuts baseball team?
    A: Snoopy

  7. Q: Who said 'Time for bed' at the end of The Magic Roundabout?
    A: Zebedee

  8. Q: What is the name of Captain Pugwash's ship?
    A: The Black Pig

  9. Q: Who danced with Gene Kelly and swam with Esther Williams?
    A: Jerry - mouse from Tom and Jerry

  10. Q: In which show did Bertie the Bus appear?
    A: Thomas the Tank Engine

  11. Q: After which actor did Walt Disney name Mickey Mouse when he changed the name from Mortimer?
    A: Mickey Rooney

  12. Q: Who was created by Dr Boynton to replace his dead son?
    A: Astroboy

  13. Q: Where did George Jetson work?
    A: Spacely Sprockets

  14. Q: What did Marine Boy use to breath under water?
    A: Oxygum

  15. Q: Who was the leader of the Thunder Cats?
    A: Lion-O


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1He-Man shouted 'By the Power of Greyskull'

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