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I am not sure what to say about this one, which was written in 1995. The beast is not really my soul, but she is definitely feline. The sad thing is that since I have written this poem, the metaphor of an internal beast has gone. But I was fond of her while she was around.

The Beast

The beast inside is wild and free

The beast inside is really me

The beast inside was held in chains

It's the beast inside that feels my pains

The beast inside has velvet paws

The beast indside has tiger's claws

When you cherish me, it's the beast who purrs

When you scream at me, my beast feels my fears.

My beast inside is tawny gold

With amber eyes. The beast's my soul.

What is my beast? Consider that

It's panther, lion, and tabby cat.

The best of times, the laughing days

Are when my beast rolls and plays.

My beast runs free on the wild sea shore

And sports and plays on the forest floor.

My beast is free with a sense of fun

And rolls and laughs in the dappled sun.

The beast inside was held with rope

And loved and purred, but had no hope.

And one good day you said to me

'Why chain your beast?' So I set it free.

The beast inside is tawny gold

With amber eyes

The beast's my soul.

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