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Hello and welcome to this week's Community Column, bringing you my pick
of what you crazy lot get up to. With just two days to go until this year's
Winter Party, you can guarantee that at this very moment I am in the office
tearing my hair out! If you are coming, I will be the small brunette at the
bar and mine is a smiley - stiffdrink.smiley - cheers

This week we are going to give you a sneak preview of some of the
projects Researchers have in progress. Coming soon to an area of h2g2 near
you! smiley - popcorn

What on earth..?

There has been a lot of speculation about what is happening over a certain page. I can't tell you much about having been
sworn to secrecy by the Researchers in the know. What I can tell you,
however, is that it will be well worth subscribing to the relevant forum as
this is one project that everyone can and should be involved in! After all
you are all an integral part of h2g2.

A Brand New Quiz

Following hard on the heels the rip roaring success of H2IQ, a new quiz
is set to captivate Researchers and Editors alike. The Gosho Movie Quote Quiz might not exist at the moment,
but you can guarantee that when it does arrive it will have you wracking
your brains and rushing for your nearest quotations dictionary. Of all the
websites in all the world, it had to walk into mine...


The human mind is a wonderful thing, we are all so individual and yet
genetically for the most part, we are made up of the same instructions. Its
no wonder then we can be spookily similar. If you don't believe me why not
take the Spooky Test and see for yourself. No

h2g2 Goodwill Ambassadors

One of the best parts of the h2g2 are the groups which are started and
run by members of the Community, eg Guardian Angels, Muses and Thingites. A
new Researcher group is starting to take shape on h2g2. Pheloxi* is looking
for feedback on his idea of Goodwill
. These are Researchers who can show people in other
places what a fun and groovy community h2g2 is. So why not pop over and give
him your views or perhaps even sign up?

I am off to finish preparing for Saturday, which will be our biggest party


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