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Sorry to be so cloak and dagger to start with. Both Taliesin and I ( vegiman) wanted to be able to have a firm foundation to this Mammoth project before releasing any details.

A History ofHistory of
h2g2 will eventually live here DNA & the Guide
We Need Your Help

This project was originally planted in my mind by Peta. Crafty little smiley - . smiley - I think she knew if anybody would take the bait, it would be me. Why? because when I start something, I would not be satisfied with just writing one page and leave it at that. That is why this will be a concise history of DNA and the Guide. At the time of the implanting of Peta's idea, I had no intentions of taking on such a venture, especially alone. Then one day Taliesin re-planted the idea by suggesting we do a history of the Ace team. I said "Why not a history of h2g2". So we started planning.

Knowing that the Aces would soon discover any pages we made up before we were ready to start, we put a notice on the Area 42 Page - requesting they do not Greet. This created mistrust over some claims we made that the Towers were involved. Remember, at this stage no-one knew that it was founded by Taliesin and vegiman. Peta let the cat out of the bag a little earlier than planned, we were not ready. We fumbled a bit and launched the project prematurely. The rest as you say is history. Many put their hands up to volunteer and help with this project, which was great as we both knew it would be too much for just two people to handle.

We are always looking for new volunteers as this will be an on going venture. As well as the past, todays news makes for tomorrows history. That is why we have tied up with the Shazz and The h2g2POST.

We think we have gathered a great team of volunteers, some old, some not so old and some new researchers.

Here we are today - still asking for volunteers - the more the merrier. As the old saying goes, "Many hands make light work".

It will be a while yet, befoe the first page is published. For those of you who wish to take part in this project, we have started an off site forum like the Aces and other volunteer groups. There we can all join in to mould Area42 into shape.

Initially we ask you Please bookmark this page on the *It All Starts Here* forum/Journal Entry. Where we will put the latest updates for you to view.
Alternately you could register straight away.

Just remember to come back.
smiley -

Watch this space.
Taliesin   vegiman:-)

AREA 42 Researchers:

Peta  Peta U15551 Early days Registered
Abi Registered
Linda  Aka Mina Registered

ShazzPRME:-) Registered
Zach Garland
Jonny (ACE, Guru) Registered
Mistdancer {ACE/GURU} Registered
Marjin Registered
Strider Registered
Swiv Registered
aka Registered
Rocket Rod (Ace) Registered
Ottox Registered
Gwennie Registered
Conceited Little Megapuppy Registered
Tube Registered
Bagpuss Registered
Wazumgumza Registered
~jwf~ Registered
CK Registered
Spike Anderson Registered
Spook Registered
GTBacchus Registered
Demon Drawer Registered
Beth Registered
hickory Registered
Smilodon Prefect Registered
fords_prefect Registered
Pegasus Registered
One Large Sperm Whale... Registered
st. broelan Registered
Cafram Registered
Greebo T. Cat
Cybercat Registered
Galen Registered
Jimi X Registered
Das Mouldy Sandwich Registered
Zipo Bibrok 5x10^8 Registered

Other members who have registered are also sitting in the background, but have notified us of their intentions to help as soon as we need them.

If you are named above and not yet registered Please Register here.
Thank you.



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