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The Cabal of International Bankers

April 19, 1995 two alleged men with alleged ties to citizen militias allegedly blew up an alleged government office in alleged Oklahoma City.

Of course... suggesting in alt.conspiracy that McVeigh and Nichols wiped out 168 "innocent" women, men, and children is the moral equivalent of suggesting in alt.conspiracy.jfk that the Warren Commission got it pretty much right.


The initial media/government reaction to the bombing blamed Middle Eastern terrorists. Luckily for the Middle Eastern and South Asian communities, blame quickly shifted. After all, would Middle Eastern terrorists really try to blow up the offices of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) in an out-of-the-way city where they would, well, stick out like a Ryder Truck on April 19th?

The date, location, and target fit a lot better with domestic malcontents: citizen militias.

Date: April 19 was not only the second anniversary of the Waco holocaust but it was also exactly 220 years after 3,000 British Red Coats tried to seize the guns of a Boston patriot group (which of course led to the "shot that was heard 'round the world" at Lexington Green).

Location: In the mythos of the militia movement, secret concentration camps have been set up in Oklahoma to warehouse patriots when the One World Government makes its play for America.

Target: BATF lead the 1993 attack on David Khoresh's religious following at their Waco compound and the 1992 attack on white supremacist Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge.

The telegenic bonfire at Waco and the lesser known shoot out at Ruby Ridge confirmed for a disenfranchised segment of angry white men what they had come to suspect since the end of the Reagan presidency: The federal government is in the grips of shadowy forces seeking to incorporate the USA into a One World Government. Waco, Ruby Ridge, and even Oklahoma were all part of the One World Government's Master Plan!


The militias gained international prominence following the 1995 Oklahoma bombing but the movement really began to gel after the fall of communism and the 1991 recession. White supremacists, "end times" Christians, people fleeing the crime and taxes of large urban centers, and blue-collar workers who saw their prestige and earning power decrease with the rise of the information economy began to network. They stuck to areas of America out of the glare of the media spotlight. Northern Michigan, Montana, New Mexico and eleven other states show, according to a 1994 Anti-Defamation League report , growing militia movements.

With the use of new technologies like BBSes, fax machines, and the net, plus older technologies like short-wave radio, AM talk radio, and tracts , there's been a great cross-fertilization of ideas. None of these ideas are particularly new. In an address to a skeptics society , the authors of the 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time demonstrate that for the last 200 years some fringe has believed that some sinister forces were on the verge of hatching some invasion plan some where.


The American and French revolutions, unionization, and concepts like "one person one vote" resulted in the unfortunate redistribution of wealth into the hands of the middle class. Never before in history has there been such a large and politically influencial group of pencil pushers. Well, that's gotta stop. A centuries-old group of international bankers and wealthy aristocratic families have been slowly working on reversing the nasty effects of these revolutions. They seek to establish an all-controlling socialist regime. This New World Order is really an attempt to return humanity to its natural order: a small incredibly wealthy elite controlling a vast labor pool of docile peasants.

To take over the world, they operate through non-profit organizations, political parties, think tanks, drug cartels, spy networks, corporations, rock groups, media organizations, universities, and the United Nations. While some seem to be working at cross-purposes, like, oh, General Motors and Green Peace, they are all, in fact, cogs in the wheels of a flawless democracy removal machine. (Do not some parts in a car work in opposite directions but still result in the car going forward?)

The conspirators have effectively brought Europe under their dominion through the European Community and control much of the Third World through the United Nations. The jewel in the crown they wish to wear again is the United States. It is only a matter of time. Much of the government is already under their control. A simple comparison of who's on the government payroll and who's a member of the conspiracy's front organizations -- the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission -- will tell you the extent to which the conspiracy can pull America's strings.

Unfortunately, their normal tactics for taking over a nation -- controlling the banking system, feds, media, and schools -- isn't going to work 100 per cent effectively in the United States because a stalwart group of patriots, the moral progeny of those who faced down the British at Lexington Green, is going to defend America the Beautiful to the last. Europeans are pussies.

The One World Government is well aware of what they are facing and, unlike those European countries that basically laid down and rolled over, force is probably going to be necessary to complete the take over of America.

First, they'll need to seize the handguns of law abiding citizens (just like they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco!) so they can't pose a formidable threat to the One World Government's tanks, stealth fighters, and air-fuel explosives. Next they'll push America into anarchy by destroying religious freedoms. They'll burn down churches (just like they did at Waco!) and teach the kids that science proves the Bible is wrong (evolution! Life on Mars!). They'll destroy industry by sending jobs to Mexico and hog tie development with ridiculous environmental laws. Finally, as America approaches the brink of a Bosnian-style civil war (why do you think US troops were sent there? To train!), United Nations "peace keepers" will be called in to "defuse" the "situation." Of course, the forces wouldn't actually need to be brought in as they are already here. European and Asian troops are secretly camped out in National Parks. When these foreign troops come pouring out of the parks, American soldiers will join them. Through a combination of CIA brain-washing techniques and implanted mind-control devices, GIs will simply switch green helmets for blue berets and ignore their oath to uphold the constitution.

Those likely to give the One World Government a hard time will be rounded up and placed into camps .

The One World Government can then implement its final solution. The International Bankers will rid the world of "useless eaters." Africa will be depopulated through diseases cooked up in government labs -- like AIDS and Ebola. Urban centres will be depopulated through the promotion of homosexuality and feminism. If that doesn't work, the conspiracy will fall back on a little experiment they had the Pol Pot regime run in Cambodia...

It's all starting to make sense, isn't it?

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