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Where I am now

I have now moved to Waterbury, CT and currently work at an Earth Staion in Southbury, CT. I was living in a town in NY called Dobbs Ferry and had a fun time working in NYC but I got laid off in Feb of 2003. I still travel to the city quite often so my offer of a drink if your in the area is still open smiley - ale . I have also been smiley - erm requested back into the Army but only on a reserve level.

A few things from H2G2

  • If you drink don't drive I'll make sure ya get home because I am the Keeper of the Car keys.

  • Special thanks to Phreako for my green inflatable lazy boy with the killer-feet-up-lay-back-asleep-in-two-min-feature built in.

  • There is a calling for all Northeast researchers by St. Shea. Answer the call at the NE researchers page.

  • It is time to take up arms against the evil sheep. Join Me

Things I like to do

Figured I list some hobbies and places on H2G2 that I like.

  • darts (love to play friend got me hooked. If you are in or near NYC let me know and we can head on out.)smiley - ale

  • Pool (I don't play all that great but it's another of those killer games)

  • Running (used to be in it more and trying to get back in. Trying to get ready to run a marathon with Aaron)

  • I was playing rugby with the Manhattan Rugby club but sense my move my playing days have been few and far between...hopefully that will all change in the near future I'll keep my fingers crossed

  • Rock Climbing (have not done much sense I moved to NY but still love it) smiley - ok

  • Having really off the wall conversations with diffrent groups of people.

  • I must say that I am a big fan of the questions only thread where the conversation goes in so many directions with out ever (well hardly ever) making a statment. Questions only.

  • Want to know who has been posting like mad for the last 24 hours. Well check out the stats page

Things I don' care for

Yes I smile and laugh all the time. I am usualy a pretty cheerful person but don't let that fool you. I have things and people I don't like. Here is a short list.
  • I have this thing against tourists. I have never lived in a place that so many people visited before and I must say that tourists are pains in the butt. They make it almost impossible to get anywhere in the city in a reasonable time because they make subway cars even more crowded. The other thing they do that irritates me is they never walk with a purpose they just lolly gag and look up at buildings. They are always in groups spread out across the sidewalk so you cannot get past.

  • PeOpLe WhO tYpE lIkE tHiS.

  • People who litter.smiley - cry Please pick up your trash and take care of it.

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