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Here are the answers to the excellent Comedy Quiz set by TIMELORD.

Winner of the Timelord nod of approval was Madent with a grand total of 37/45. A very credible score was achieved by Granny Weatherwax and a late entry by Polidari Wormwood showed a good grasp of parts 1, 3 and 4 but part 2 proved too difficult!

Part 1

The following is a list of the funniest people in comedy. They all changed their names, however, before we got to know them. Under what name did they become famous?

  1. Bob Davis: Jasper Carrot
  2. James Marsh: Jimmy Jewel
  3. Robert Nankeville: Bobby Davro
  4. Alfred Hawthorne Hill: Benny Hill
  5. John Eric Bartholomew: Eric Morecambe
  6. Nathan Birnbaum: George Burns
  7. Benjamin Kubelsky: Jack Benny
  8. David Tynan O'Mahony: Dave Allen
  9. Lynne Shepherd: Marti Cain
  10. Charles Springall: Charlie Drake

Part 2

The following list is of shows which were made in both the UK and USA but under different titles. The left-side is the name of the show in the UK, the right-side is the name of the show in the US. Fill in the blanks.

  1. The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin/Reggie
  2. Man About the House/Three's company
  3. Brighton Belles/ The Golden Girls
  4. Till Death Do Us Part/All in the family
  5. Two's company/ The Two of Us
  6. Steptoe and Son/Sanford and Son
  7. The Upper Hand/ Who's the Boss
  8. Birds of a Feather/Stand By Your Man
  9. Are You Being Served/ Beane's of Boston
  10. Rising Damp/27 Joy Street

Part 3

The following is a list of catchphrases. Some are from shows and some are from comedians - identify their origin please.

  1. Naff off:
    Ronnie Barker as Norman Stanley Fletcher in 'Porridge'
  2. Smoke me a kipper, I will be back for breakfast:
    Craig Charles as (ACE)Rimmer in 'Red Dwarf'
  3. Magic are Maurice:
    Bill Maynard as Selwyn Froggit in 'Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggit'
  4. Trust me I know what I'm doing:
    David Rasche as Det Insp Sledge in 'Sledge Hammer'
  5. I'm listening:
    Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane in 'Frasier'
  6. They don't like it up em:
    Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones in 'Dad's Army'
  7. I'm free:
    John Inman as Mr Humphries in 'Are You Being Served'
  8. And its good night from him:
    Ronnie Barker in 'The Two Ronnies'
  9. Ooh you are awful, but I like you:
    Dick Emery in 'The Dick Emery Show'
  10. Silly old moo:
    Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett in 'Till Death Us Do Part'
  11. Power to the people:
    Robert Lindsay as Wolfie Smith in 'Citizen Smith'
  12. I'm too old for this shit:
    Danny Glover as Det Sgt Roger Murtaugh in 'Lethal Weapon'
  13. My papie always told me:
    James Garner as Bret Maverick in 'Maverick'
  14. Mum said on her death bed:
    David Jason as Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter in 'Only Fools and Horses'
  15. I didn't get were you are today by...:
    John Barron as C J (Charles Jefferson) in 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'

Part 4

  1. In which film is the main character called Mortimer Brewster?:

    'Arsenic and Old Lace'
  2. Who played Flash Harry in the St Trinians films?:
    George Cole
  3. What film is Flubber a remake of?:

    'The Absent Minded Professor'
  4. Under what name did Arthur Lucan make a series of films?:

    'Old Mother Riley'
  5. What was the first Carry On film?:

    'Carry On Sergeant'
  6. Who is/was the oldest actor to win an Oscar?:
    George Burns for 'The Sunshine Boys'
  7. What kind of creature was Gizmo?:

  8. In which film did Alec Guinness play 8 characters all of whom died?:

    'Kind Hearts and Coronets'
  9. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a remake of which 1964 film?:

    'Bedtime Story'
  10. Who said at the oscars 'Medals are like haemorrhoids sooner or later every a******e gets one'?:
    Billy Wilder for 'The Apartment'.


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