SMEG 2001 - the aftermath

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The 2001 Scottish Researchers Winter Meetup

Glasgow, November 24th

It was the best of times (the friends, the conversation, the Laserquest, the booze)

It was the worst of times (but let's not talk about the rugby)

It was the scariest of times (Evil Wumbie, inflatable pig of dubious virtue smiley - , poor defenceless smiley - smiley - smiley - )

Top prize for keenness goes to Munchkin, who arrived at the pub before it was opensmiley - . He was shortly joined by Jamie, Wumbeevil, A girl called Ben, W****E and a recovering DoctorGonzo. Toot was talked, pints were drunk, and the concept of organic cigarettes was introduced*.

Time passed. Gandalf stayed away. So did everyone else. At about five to three Babel-17 was phoned. He turned out to be at the hotel with everyone else, who were trying to sort out rooms and things. "No problem", quoth he, "we'll be there at three".

Twenty past three. "Babel, where the smiley - are you?!" "er, we'll meet you at the Laserquest" So off we toddled. By the time everyone was gathered the timing was well and truly banjoed, so we went for one half-hour game.

At this point we should make a public service announcement. If engaged in a team game of Laserquest, make sure Lost in Scotland is on your side. This man is a combination of the Terminator, Robocop and Rambo (minus the headband, thankfully). Twice as many points as the second placed person. 'nuff said.

After LQ, some folk retired to the hotel to freshen up, while others headed back to the pub, only pausing to drag Tinkerbell away from the pretty smiley - lights on George Square. And so the serious revelry begansmiley -

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