power of M.

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why this m collection?
I was surfing the net one day I saw that the letter M has big influence on the world. It is fascinating to see that M makes this globe go around.

the list of m.
macdonalds, mace, mach, macho, machines, macintosh, macro(s), macromedia, mad, madness, madonna, mafia, magazine, magic, magnet, mail (-bomb, -box, -filter, -ing list), major, majordomo, majority, make, makeover, malice, mall, malpractice, malnutrition, malteser (mars inc.), manager, mandate, mango, manhattan, manhunt, manifesto, manipulation, mantra, manual, mapping, marrathon, margin, marijuana, market, marketing, marriage, mars, mars inc, marvel, massage, mastersdegree, mastermind, match, material, mates, matrix, max, maximum, maybe, mc, mcafee, mci, me, measels, mechanics, medium, media, mediametrix, medicare, medicine, mega, megabyte, megahertz, melissa, mellow, meltdown, mem, member, membership, meme, memo, memopause, memoir, memory, memorabilia, menigitis, m&m (mars inc), mentor, mentrix, menu, menu bar, merchandize, mercedes-benz, mercy, mergers, mesmerize, message, messenger, meta (tag), metamorphosis, metallica, meteor, method, metric, metro, mi, microprocesor, midi, million, millionaire, mickey mouse, microsoft, microwave, millennium, milk, milkshake, mind, mindpixel, mine, mini,minimum, minister, minor, minority, misanthropy, misdemeanour, mistress, miracle, mm, mmx, mob (-ster(s)), mobile, mobilty, models, modern, modernisation, modify, modules, modum, moderator, mole, molecule, mollest, mondial, monetary, money, monitor, monopoly, monorail, moo (mud, object oriented), mood, moody, moonlight, moore's law, moral, morality, morbid, more, moreover, moron, mortgage, morphing, mosquito, motion, motor, moulan rouge, mouse, movement, movers, movie, mozzila, mp3, mpeg, msn, msnbc, mtv, mudslinging, multi, multinational, muppet, murder, murphy's law, muslim, music, muntant, much, my, myob (mind your own business), myst, mystery, mysterious, mystic.

very special M.
mam, mamma, mammy, mother, mom, mum.

h2g2 and M
Mark Moxon,

do not use "multi media".
"multi media" is hyped word, but is it not realy logical, because it is double plural.

according to an English dictionary media means 1] the media is radio, tv, paper published, internet regarded as a group. the media entertain or spread news and information to large number of people. 2] media is a plural of medium.

so start up your media computer be entertained and informed!

any M sugestions wich influnece the modern world?

your contributions are very apricated. thank you.

M list H2G2 published 307/MMI

M list updated 195/MMIV

M list compiled in MM-MMIV

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