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The Thing With Bdoofs

Post 1

The Snockerty Friddle

If only the sands didn't fall through the hands

I could do so much more with my time

Said the idle Bdoof on the ribberty roof

Of a fner in Newcastle on Tyne

A Strang then came by, pointed up at the sky and said

" Let's not be fooled by the press!

For we all know the truth, that the idle Bdoof

Is no more than a fradge in a dress!"

In a rage the Bdoof clambered down from the roof

And gyronically thraggled its' batch

But the Strang, it was blick and incredibly quick

And he wasn't too easy to catch

Let's not be so rash, said the wrizzled Olash

We could scroodle this matter like fllairns

But the thing with Bdoofs, once they're down from the roof

Is that nothing can strumpfle their chairn

At that moment there came, with the first drops of rain

An enormously loofle forlake

And with one great fnang the Bdoof and the Strang

Were both stribbled and bloffed from the fnake

The Thing With Bdoofs

Post 2

a girl called Ben

This is lovely - really good. More Lear than Carrol; it is funny, witty and scans.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face.


The Thing With Bdoofs

Post 3

The Artist formerly known as Hullabaloo

Hi Snockerty smiley - smiley

Sorry this took so long but if you see the latest on my Home Space you'll see I've been offline.

I totally agree with Ben. This is a really excellent poem smiley - biggrin - very enjoyable and easy to read. I like the rhythms, the rhymes, the wit and your playful inventiveness with words. Great stuff smiley - ok

Thanks for letting us see it.

Hullabaloo smiley - artistsmiley - smileysmiley - ok

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