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"personal space is hidden"

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Martin Harper

This is a little out of date as of DNA v1.0

There's also some inconsistency: most accounts have the title changed to "", some to "Account Closed", and some have the title left untouched. You should probably change them all to "Account Closed", as this is clearest.

"personal space is hidden"

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Mark Moxon

Good point - I've reworded that, and changed the /h2g2/guide links to /dna/h2g2 ones. I think the rest is up to date - do shout if there's anything else that's wrong.

Re the second bit, do you mean the title of the Personal Space? I'm sure there is a bit of inconsistency, as we've recently closed a whole slew of accounts that didn't have anything on their Personal Space anyway, so there was no Introduction to edit in the first place. We also figured it wasn't worth spending loads of time doing them all properly (instead they're just listed in the banning page for the main account). It also doesn't specify in the procedure exactly what happens to the Space itself, as some we delete (for returning banned people, for example) and some we leave untouched except for a link.

Are these the ones you're referring to? If not, I'll take a look, but the less time spent on trolls the better, IMHO.

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"personal space is hidden"

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