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This page was updated on 15th October 2011.

By registering as a member of h2g2 you agreed to our House Rules. We have a moderation system to ensure that any content on h2g2 falls within these rules, and this policy aims to give more information on what happens if you break these rules.

Moderation on h2g2 takes place when someone reports something by using the complaint button that they believe to be contrary to the House Rules. The following paragraphs explain how this system works.

Reported content1 is an Entry or a post that has been complained about by anyone using the site. On h2g2 this has commonly been known as 'yikesed' content.

If you make a complaint, and you are not registered with h2g2, you will be asked to provide your email address so we can confirm that you are a real person and so that we can email you if we need further information.


The moderation team will either:

  1. unhide the content where it is clear that it does not break any of the House Rules.
  2. permanently hide or edit2 the content where it is clear that it is in breach of the House Rules.
  3. refer the complaint to senior members of the moderation team for further consideration, after which a decision will be reached and the content reinstated or removed.

Unsuitable URLs and personal details may also be removed.

Where the complaint is of a serious nature, for example links to pornography or posts that are abusive or harassing or otherwise offensive, then the content will remain hidden and will be referred to a senior member of the Moderation Team.

Action may be taken to immediately suspend the offending member's account. Immediate suspension may also result from any posting which is illegal in nature.

What happens if a member has their content moderated frequently?

Frequent breaches of the House Rules, such as continually posting content which is removed by the moderation team or behaving inappropriately, may result in short term bans. The length of time imposed would be at the discretion of the moderation team.

If a researcher who has been subject to a short-term suspension returns and proceeds to carry on posting offensively or disruptively, as before, they may be subject to further, more lengthy suspensions. If their behaviour on site continues to cause complaints and does not improve - then the team will consider a permanent ban.


Where a complaint is upheld, emails will be sent both to the person responsible for the content (the transgressor) and to the person making the complaint. The email to the transgressor will explain the reason for their content being removed or edited. The email to the person making the initial complaint will state whether this has been upheld and to thank them for reporting it.

If the complaint is not upheld - the person making the complaint will receive an email explaining that the content was not found to be in breach of the HRs.

What happens if a member is found to be making malicious complaints?

Using the complaints procedure maliciously or disruptively is against the House Rules, and when someone does this the Moderation Team may suspend the account of the researcher making use of the moderation system in this way.

Other information

Please do not contact a volunteer moderator directly about any moderation issues. If you wish to discuss a particular issue, please email [email protected].

The moderators are a team of h2g2 members who work for the site in a voluntary capacity. They have been selected because they are trusted and respected members, and they have been trained to deal with all complaints in a sensitive and professional manner. All decisions of the team will remain confidential.

The Moderation Volunteers are selected by Not Panicking Ltd., the company that owns h2g2.

1'Content' means posts, messages, Entries, Edited Entries and Journal Entries.2Editing is a rarely used tool and will always be marked to make readers aware text has been changed.

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