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There are a number of reasons why people who genuinely would love to donate blood are unable to do so. Some of these are only temporary inconveniences however, for some people, the reasons we cannot give blood are, for whatever reason, long-term... if not for the rest of our natural lives.

What follows is a list of researchers who, for whatever reason, are unable to donate their own blood, but would like someone else to give blood in their place. We are not looking for people who already give blood as some of those listed here have given in the past, we are looking for people to come forward and start to donate for the first time. Giving blood is vital, not only for trauma victims who lose a great deal, but for the everyday running of operating theatres and the production of blood products for certain conditions, such as haemophilia.

If you want to give on someone's behalf

If you want to donate on someones behalf please say so below saying who you want to pair up with and leave you U number so I can add you to the list. Also let that researcher know every time you have given blood by leaving a note on their space; that way they will know that, by adding their name here they are achieving something.

If you are unable to give

Post you name below; we do not need to know why you cannot give as you are entitled to your privacy but, if you want to give the reason, you are welcome to do so. Nobody will pressure you into finding out why. Your name and h2g2 user number is all which is needed to add you to this list and someone will, hopefully, pair up with you and start to give blood on your behalf.

If you already donate

Don't feel left out. Leave your name in the forum below and support this campaign as you can. Let those who do not already donate blood know your reasons for giving.

The Pairings List

The first named is unable to give blood, the second is giving on that person's behalf... the number in parenthesis is the number of donations made.

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To join this worthy cause, please visit the original forum
Give Blood on My Behalf

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