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Site Test Please

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You all did a page check on this when I first came up the page design, the site is now pretty much finished so a full check would be appreciatedsmiley - spacesmiley - ta


Don't forget to check http://www.loustalholidays.com/burp.htmlsmiley - spacesmiley - winkeye

Site Test Please

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Using IE 5.50 the site looks fine and the links work OK.

I am a bit confused by the contents of the tariff page though...

Are those rates per night, per week or per X number of days? Per person or per stay in total? Does it include anything specific? Any meals?

Also, the first sentence in the second paragraph seems incomplete:

'A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total rent due is due at the time of booking, unless.'

Unless what?

Site Test Please

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C Hawke

the rollover effects on the links don't appear to work in IE6, if that is, you want tohe entire box to change colour.

This I also found confusing in Firefox 1.5 as the entire box changes colour I expected the entire text to be the link, rather than just the title (eg, I thought "Home General information about us and the gite." to be the link not just "Home"


Site Test Please

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That's the 2nd comment about the Tariff page, I did not write the text but I will be passing the comments onto those who did and hopefully get a revision done.

The rollovers not working in IE is something I know about another example of poor CSS support in IE but one I can live with, the suggestion of making all the menu text linkable is a good one which I look at.

smiley - ta

Site Test Please

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Tariff page revised smiley - smiley

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