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Opti: I understand that you are a Curator, for those who don't know could you outline what this means?

Galaxy Babe: Hi Opti. That's correct. Basically the Curators can edit Edited Guide Entries, which previously only the Editors could do. We are a group of trusted Researchers who have been given the privilege of looking after the Edited Guide; for me it is akin to holding a magic key to a treasure chest of knowledge.

Opti: What persuaded you to take up the role of Curator?

Galaxy Babe: I wanted to be one from their inception. It was just a case of waiting for the invitation. I like adding links (of new Edited Entries to older EGEs) and general tidying up like removing or replacing broken links, and fixing typos I spot. When the Common Salt entry went live, it took me days to add the link to all the mentions of it in the EG, and I am still finding ones I missed.

Opti: How long have you been a Curator?

Galaxy Babe: About two years.

Opti: How have things changed since then?

Galaxy Babe: The EG is almost polished to perfection. smiley - winkeye.

Opti: And finally, what do you see the future bringing when you look into space?

Galaxy Babe: I can't ever see me giving up being a Curator. I love the work, and people who post at EF for small alterations or additions are so grateful for the personal attention that we get good feedback. It's always nice to be appreciated. Most of the work the Curators do isn't noticed by non-curators, or even by each other, as we only log alterations and removals.

Opti: Thank you GB for shining your light on what it takes to be a Curator. May you long continue to take pleasure in h2g2.

Galaxy Babe: You're welcome Opti, smiley - ta

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