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I don't get it

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I just didn't get the book when I read it. Your review kind of made sense, but the book itself just annoyed me. If it's aim is to document the oppression of women, why did Atwood have to construct such a stupid, ridiculous world to set the story in. If it's about the human character, I just didn't really get the protagonist person; she seemed too clever and made loads of intelligent observations that were just blatantly Atwood's voice. I mean why was it made so unpleasant and painful to read when it doesn't appear to be actually making any constructive moral statement, or powerful depiction of the human condition at all?

I don't get it

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Sho - employed again!

I think it would have been more powerful (for me) if there hadn't been all those flashbacks to her daughter.

Maybe it's that I've gone all soft since I became a mum myself, but that became the main focus of my reading (only been through it once so far) and I lost some of the other detail because of it.

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