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Just out of curiosity, how many Amys are there on h2g2? It doesn't matter if Amy is your name IRL or just on h2g2 or even both! For example, I'm an Amy in real life, and I chose to use my real name here on h2g2, so I come under the catagory of 'both'. Amy the Ant is only an Amy here on h2g2. Amy† is, obviously, an Amy here, and it's her nickname IRL, but her real name isn't actually Amy.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to see if Amy is as common a name on h2g2 as it is outside...

A group of children all engrossed in learning different stuff around a table

Well, it could be a bunch of Amys...

Different Types of Amys

Amys in Real Life

Amys on H2G2

Amys That are Both

Amys That aren't Easily Catagorised

  • U50994*--RL nickname Amy, but that's not what her parents named her...

Almost an Amy

  • U205821--Read her name out loud if you can't figure it outsmiley - winkeye
  • Id's RL initials are AMEY!

Not Yet Amy... But Soon2


  • U189338 is the RL mom of Amy†, the adopted mother of myself and Theory, but I don't think she has ties to the other Amys...

Honorary Amys

This category is a bit different... It will hold those that are Amys IRL, but who are not researchers on h2g2. A position here is available upon special request.

  • Shazz's
    baby granddaughter, Amy Louise
  • Auralyra's sister, who was named after their great great aunt Amy

Interesting fact

All three of the founding Amys (indicated by *) have dark brown hair.

1Hey, that's me!2'Twas his idea...

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