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Part 6

Colonel Smith looked around the Belgian battlefield, the smoke drifted across the corpses that lay there. But this did not trouble the battle hardened Colonel. He sensed victory in his nostrils.

'Ah this is going to be a good day.', said the Colonel from atop his horse.

A Captain to his left agreed. 'The Prussians have finally arrived.'

'Stuff and nonsense. The Prussians!', the Colonel laughed. 'The day was ours long before they arrived', he said rather optimistically.

The Captain once again nodded. This was before a column of dark spherical creatures with four arms had started devouring the light company in front of them.

'Good Lord', said the Captain stunned.

'What manner of beasts are they?', a shocked Colonel said. 'Surely something from the dark continent that those damned frogs have picked up'

'No sir, look', pointed the Captain. 'They're massacring the French as well'

'What in Gods name is going on?'

The creatures, unknown to the Colonel, were known elsewhere as the Blieg. Creatures that evolved as a result of human arrogance in the distance future... but time is falling apart, and they appear to have become immune to its ravages. They have taken advantage of it... by invading places across history – including here: The Battle of Waterloo.

A large bang, that was not made from a cannon, accompanied by a flash of light, was heard behind the Colonel and his regiment. The horse reared up, almost throwing the Colonel off, but he managed to steady the creature.

'WHAT IS GOING ON?!', Raged a confused and angry battle hardened Colonel.

'Sir, we have to move', the Captain yelled. 'They're rapidly advancing on our position.'

He looked around to look at where the flash had come from. Behind him in the distance he saw a light shimmering around a village – a village he was almost certain hadn't been there earlier. He looked back towards the battlefield and saw the beasts approaching them at speed.


With that the 45th Kings Regiment retreated towards the village. Before all the soldiers made it through the village disappeared. The stragglers who hadn't made it looked on confused at the place where the village had been... where now were only trees. They couldn't outrun the Blieg though... and they met with their fate.

While the ones who had made it found they were no longer in Belgium – or even in the same time...


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