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Article or Project?

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James Casey

Latin in modern Western Civilization at http://www.h2g2.com/A495911

It's only in sketchy form at the moment - not so much the bare bones as odd bits of cartilage around. Is this an article or does it justify the opening of a Department of Classics?

And surely the University needs a latin motto? How about 'eminere pollicem discere est' (to hitchhike is to learn*) or 'discemus pollicem eminentes' (by hitchhiking we learn)? smiley - smiley

*not 'to hitchhike is to party' as discere suggests - though this would be appropriate too smiley - winkeye

Article or Project?

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Nice article, KC.

One thing: University projects are made up of more than one entry, under the same topic, and this is a great single entry. If you could come up with plans to extend this to cover other topics which would fit into the same subject, then it'd make a cool project... but if not, it's better as a stand-alone entry for Peer Reviewing.

Just let mw know what you think. And I like the idea of a Latin motto for the University too. smiley - smiley


Article or Project?

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James Casey

Yes, it was one article, but I have been wondering whether it would be too much information for just one article.

I've restyled it in the manner of other University project pages, perhaps this will give a better idea.

Article or Project?

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That looks worthwhile as a project, especially if you can come up with any other Latin-related entries to add to it (there's already one in the Edited Guide on handy Latin phrases, which can be linked to and mentioned in your list of entries, if you like).

If you'd like to do this as a project, then follow the instructions on http://www.h2g2.com/University-Recruit and email us with the details required; if you've already done this, then the reason we haven't got back to you yet is because of the festive break. We'll drop you a line as soon as we can.

Looking forward to helping you out, KC. smiley - smiley


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Uni: Latin - Abandoned

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Researcher: U37977 – James Casey

Project Page: A495911

Unfinished Entries:
A497793 - Extant Latin
A497801 - Languages derived from Latin


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Article or Project?

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