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Project: The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who - Complete

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Researcher: U183955 - Spook

Project Page: A664184 - The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who

A1090144 - Doctor Who Enemies: Raston Warrior Robot
A5692593 - Doctor Who - The Theme Music

Edited Entries:
Doctor Who Episode Guide
A683877 - Missing Episodes Guide
A662960 - 1960s
A14150855 - 1970s
A14150927 - 1980s
A14150990 - 1990s
A14151016 - 2005-9
A72840972 - 2010-13
A14066589 - Doctor Who: Restoring and Reconstructing Missing Episodes

A2788662 - The Jon Pertwee Years
A6127841 - The Tom Baker Years
A5920869 - The Wilderness Years

A395723 - Doctor Who Enemies: Daleks
A87830021 - Doctor Who Enemies: Homo Reptilia
A1090090 - Doctor Who Enemies: Ice Warriors
A20361647 - Doctor Who Enemies: The Master
A87846484 - Doctor Who Enemies: Ood
A87838177 - Doctor Who Enemies: The Rani
A30652553 - Doctor Who Enemies: Sabbath
A1090117 - Doctor Who Enemies: Silurians and Sea Devils
A26151383 - Doctor Who Enemies: Slitheen
A874497 - Doctor Who Enemies: Sontarans
A26151455 - Doctor Who Enemies: Time Lords
A1090135 - Doctor Who Enemies: Zygons

A7952312 - Assistants in 'Doctor Who'
A30924164 - Doctor Who Companions: K-9

A20361638 - Doctor Who Novels (Mar 19, 2007)
A20074556 - 'Faction Paradox' - the Science Fiction Series (Mar 9, 2007)
A40336661 - Professor Bernice Summerfield - The Science Fiction Series

Other Doctor Who entries exist at C991, written in isolation of University projects.


Project: The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who - Complete

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Additional part of the project now Edited today (as FM Rescue):
A87852414 Doctor Who Enemies: Omega


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Project: The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who - Complete

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