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Wonder of the Night by Xarin Sliron

Creeping through the silent halls

The cuckoo of the great clock calls

The mice they sleep in holes, they say

But the cuckoo is up all night by the way.

Although the night is that of saint Nick

The cuckoo still has a lot of kick.

He won't sleep on the night of Christ

He will stay up and work even during a heist.

But not a criminal is the man that is breaking in,

But a joy of the world, the lover of the biscuit tin.

The cookies he eats, quite the great hearty deed

Then he chugs down the milk for his great thirsts massive need

The cuckoo watches him leave the many presents

The cuckoo watches as it happens in the present.

Then with a great heave and a hop he is out of the house,

And once again the night is more silent then a mouse.

The cuckoo returns to its clock, it calls home,

Then it cuckoos so loud then it's heard by the garden gnome.

At half past eight when the children awaken,

They are quite surprised to find the presents taken.

In its cozy home the cuckoo stays thirty,

And at nine on the dot it shows the deed dirty.

Out fly the gifts making the children cheer,

A cuckoo Christmas for all, and to all a good year.

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