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Well. It's now about 7 months till the big day, time's finally starting to pass at a normal rate instead of in slow motion, Khamsin got himself a kilt carrier and is saving for the actual kilt part now. The thing is that University is starting soon so we will have less time on our hands than usual.

I tried making some of my own invitations, a good money saving idea
I thought that was until I actually tried to do it... you see I wanted to make them all slightly different but it really wasn't working. Half a roll of masking tape later and I was happy to use the ready made ones. So a trip into town and we bought a few packs.

Now the kind lady who will be making my dress has gone on holiday to Hawaii with her family. She says she will look for some fabric there as she needs no less than 6 different fabrics most of which she can't find locally. I feel slightly guilty for choosing that pattern now but it will look stunning.

The other problem is that my bridesmaid has been ill a lot lately and has been in hospital with her asthma. Now this worries me slightly but hopefully everything will be fine. I've known her since we were both small and this is nothing unusual.

I am just flicking through some baby photo's of Kham. Such a cute little boy he was. And, as his aunt said just the other day, 'what went wrong?' Nah not really, he's still very cute in my opinion and I love him lots. The thing about baby photos is that they're wonderful as long as they're not of you. And in the instance that it just might be you, you have to wonder what possessed them to, for example, take a picture of you as a baby in the bath with your favourite rubber ducky.

The photos really are cute. I mean, he has liked trains since he was 2... the toy ones on tracks not the real ones.

Anyway. A member of our church ward (something like a parish) has recently opened a flower shop so I guess that takes care of that, too

Still need to put down deposit for honeymoon.

Dr Anthea

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